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East County Dernatology Medical Group - diseases of skin, hair, nails, skin surgery, skin cancer treatment, chemical peels

Established in 1979, San Diego's East County Dermatology Medical Group, Inc. in the city of El Cajon, has two locations. Professional care is provided by Dr.'s Michael J. Thoene (at our 514 S. Magnolia Avenue office) and Doyle D. Hansen (at our 1679 E. Main Street office) in El Cajon, California. Both Dr. Thoene and Dr. Hansen are Board Certified dermatologists.

Dr. Thoene and Dr. Hansen are Diplomates of the American Board of Dermatology. Their expertise in the field of dermatology is well known and appreciated by other physicians who frequently refer patients for care. It is more noteworthy, however, that nearly all previous patients recommend Drs. Thoene and Hansen to their friends and family for dermatological care. Their offices are located in the East County of San Diego, California in the City of El Cajon.

Special clinical interests of Dr. Hansen are: dermatologic surgery, MOHS surgery (skin cancer surgery that is controlled microscopically), skin pathology, and psoriasis treatment utilizing the newest therapies including ultraviolet (PUVA).

The office staff includes a state-certified esthetician; Teresa Meinsen She is able to provide professional cosmetic services utilizing the newest technology in this field. Besides medical and surgical dermatology, both Dr. Hansen and Dr. Thoene are also able to provide BOTOX injections for the correction of facial wrinkles and imperfections.





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